mural 2.png
MAKE Festival

Make Festival is a concept in association with London Makers Market. It is a platform to show how London Makers Market have responded to the challenges of the pandemic. This interactive map suggests the idea of excitement and community within the city which is what London Makers Market have strived to achieve despite the restrictions. 

Before the event takes place advertisements will be placed in and around London, ensuring that people will come across it when out and about. The bright colourful designs will instantly get people's attention. Another way society will discover Make festival before the event is via advertisements and its presence on social media.

To add a physical element to the event I have created maker and buyer postal boxes which will be available to order before the event. These will feature different elements to get people excited about the event and give the buyers a sense of identity. The apron also works as a keepsake for makers to use at other events and everyday.